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I looooooove a good team dynamic.

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We got over 68 entries to the contest and, according to our random number generator, the winners are:


I’ll email you ladies for addresses shortly.

Thanks to everyone who entered and everyone who picked up Windblade #1

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"Where Cybertronians get a discount."

I’d like Ironhides hair cut please …

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Hey Tumblr!  What is this lady so creepily happy about? Why she’s entered to win a free copy of Issue 1 of Transformers: Windblade signed by Mairghread Scott!  How can you enter? Simple!

Take a photo of yourself with Issue 1 (paper or digital, we don’t discriminate) and tweet or tumbl it with the tag: windblade We’ll randomly pick winners on Monday the 21st.

So get to it Transformers fans!

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…Windblade? >_>
In hindsight, I should’ve added wings, but she has SO MANY PARTS. AAH.


…Windblade? >_>

In hindsight, I should’ve added wings, but she has SO MANY PARTS. AAH.

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This was possibly my favourite panel in Windblade #1. 

look at this suave fucker

just look at him

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this is my favorite page of Windblade #1

the whole issue is gorgeous but LOOK AT ALL THESE GUYS


I always love seeing characters that don’t get enough screentime ;u;

This comic is seriously the hottest Fizzle has ever been in the history of robots.

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Windblade Master How-to-Buy Post


Hey Everyone! Happy New Comics Wednesday! So today Windblade #1 comes out and I thought I’d do a little post gathering up all the ways you can buy it, to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

1. Buy at a local comic shop. If you need help finding a shop, locate one with the comic shop locator.

Also Hater Free Wednesdays is a great resource to find out if the comic shop near you is considered a safe space for fans of all types.

2. Order a physical copy and have it shipped to you.

You can do that through sites like Things from Another World or Midtown Comics.

3. Buy it digitally

You can download a digital copy from Comixology, Apple iBooksAmazon Kindle or directly through IDW.

4. Also once you have a copy, take a picture with it and tag it #Windblade. The author is going to be giving away signed copies to randomly chosen Windblade selfie posters.

Finally, Thank you so much for supporting the book. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please consider subscribing online or at your local comic shop for upcoming issues.

P.S. If anyone has any questions or concerns about getting the comics, feel free to hit up my ask box, in addition to being the writer’s husband, I have a lot of experience in comics retail and marketing, and would be happy to help answer any questions.

Til all are one,

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Review: Windblade #1

TF_Windblade01_cvrAIt was kind of a given that I’d like Windblade#1. With Mairghread Scott and Sarah Stone making it the first Transformers comic outside of fanzines and message boards with an all-female creative team, with it introducing a new female Transformer who’s not only pushing IDW to diversify their cast but pushing Hasbro to diversify their toyline as well, it would have taken some epic blunders for me to…

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