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Everybody was thinking it.

Admit it.

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Ravage is such a cat.


Ravage is such a cat.

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Bar Trick

Transformers - More Than Meets the Eye Issue #6
Transformers - More Than Meets The Eye 2012 Annual
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IDW Transformers December solicits [x]

More Than Meets the Eye #36:

  • (W) James Roberts (A) Alex Milne (CA) Nick Roche
    OUTLAWS! Before the war, Orion Pax was part of the Establishment-until a friend opened his eyes to the truth behind the lies and he vowed to overthrow the system. Now, it seems as if his newfound enemies are willing to go to any lengths to see him dead-even if it means waiting four million years…

The Transformers #36:

  • (W) John Barber (A/CA) Andrew Griffith
    DAYS OF DECEPTION! All-out war erupts on the streets of Tokyo when PROWL finally gets his hand on the one human he wants to get revenge on… and when PROWL gets revenge, it’s never pretty.

Drift: Empire of Stone #2:

  • (W) Shane McCarthy (A/CA) Guido Guidi
    ONCE A DECEPTICON! DRIFT’s past comes back to haunt him, as RATCHET tries to drag him back to the Lost Light. But alone on a far-off world, DRIFT’s honor demands he stand his ground!
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More than Meets the Eye #33 Recap - Morality is shades of grey.

More than Meets the Eye #33 Recap – Morality is shades of grey.

TF_MTMTE_33_cvrI love it when literature makes me think. Whether it’s books, articles, essays, comics or poetry, it is like hitting the gym, only with my brain, challenging me to think and ponder things in new ways. One of the reasons why I like to rank MTMTE extremely high on my list of favorite comics of all time is for this very reason, that besides engaging my emotions, there is always something in every…

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The ending of Windblade has reached Rosebud status, right? I can talk about this open and freely without a cut? We’ll say yes. XD

The longer I think about Chromia in Windblade the more I love her part, her role in the story, and well, Chromia as a character. I’ve discussed in length before that I felt her being the culprit ultimately added a level of depth to her character that was greatly needed, but I also loved how just how low that she fell once things started crumbling around her.

I feel like her original plan before anything went wrong, was to get the Space Bridge she had found working in secret, so that when it was functional she could just pick Windblade up and drag them both home to Caminus. But when Windblade started to notice the power failures she needed a distraction: Thus the Bomb. Which then could lead to two things, that I feel both would have worked in her favor: 1) Windblade backs off her hunt because she’s scared for her life, leaving Chromia time to work in peace again, or 2) Windblade wants to go home, and Chromia gets her original goal with or without Metroplex.

Chromia wasn’t expecting Windblade to pick a third option: Hunt down her “killer” and solve the energy issues.  At first you see her try and encourage framing Starscream to hopefully get Windblade more open to leaving, but then Windblade gets captured and Chromia gets desperate.

Really desperate.

Just look at her in this final scene. There isn’t a moment above where Chromia is thinking about Windblade as anything but a tool to get home (which I fully believe she regrets by the end of the issue). Chromia’s screaming at her to do something that’s possibly fatal by connecting to Metroplex. And once she’s there and finds the bridge—Chromia stops at nothing to get her to use it.

Chromia’s being downright manipulative to get what she wants—specifically, she’s pulling the “Home” card—a topic that weighs particularly heavy on Windblade’s mind.

"I’m thinking about you! I want to protect you! It’s all about you Windblade, I swear. I’m just trying to do what’s best! Protecting you means taking us home! You want to go home don’t you? Let’s go home!" 

That’s Chromia’s argument in a nutshell. In this particular case, it’s rather manipulative and unsettling.

Going home isn’t in Windblade’s best interest.

Windblade left Caminus in order to find and protect Metroplex, to become his Cityspeaker. That’s the life that she chose. And when she found him, Windblade chose to serve Metroplex and aid Cybertron. She wants to make life better for their citizens, so she can also help her home. To do that, she has to stay on Cybertron. That was Windblade’s choice, and what she decided.

Windblade was homesick, but that didn’t override her desires to help and serve.

Chromia is ignoring all of that, and those are things that she has to know. Windblade trusts and talks to Chromia all the time. They’re friends, close friends. And yet, Chromia is asking Windblade to give up Metroplex. She’s asking her to give up the planet they were looking for. Chromia is asking Windblade to forget this planet, possibly murder hundreds of citizens, to go home as a failure.

Nothing about that is for Windblade, and Chromia knows it.

And that speaks mountains to how desperate she wants to go home. Be it loneliness, or even possibly warped good intentions (I won’t throw out that Chromia wanted to protect Windblade, but it twisted into something very different as time passed), Chromia was willing to give up everything for this.

And that makes Chromia so relatable. She hit a low point, and things got out of her control. Instead of coming forward and talking about it, she lied and tried to cover things up. Which in turn led to things she couldn’t control or predict. Which further spiraled out until she to this point where she’s emotionally manipulating the person she cares about most into doing something that will harm her. She’s made a mistake, and handled it poorly, and really—who hasn’t done that? Who hasn’t hurt a friend on accident in a selfish event? And who hasn’t regretted it? Chromia’s real here, and it brings her to life.

This is Chromia’s fall, and the best part of the issue—is that she realizes how bad she screwed up. Her formal attitude after Windblade takes the fall for her, hints that Chromia’s thinking very hard about everything that’s happened. She’s remorseful.

Sometimes, great characters need to fall to climb back up again. And Chromia is a great character, and I can not wait to see what mountains she climbs and conquers after this.

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Stylor has seen some shit.

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my sister and I found this metal Rodimus at a thrift store today. he’s missing a leg but that’s ok


we got him a prosthetic and now he can stand on his own again


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Packaging art for an unmade Transformers: Generation 2 version of Mirage. The figure itself got at least as far as one painted prototype, although the proto is missing the alligator graphics.

Scanned from the excellent Transformers Vault book.