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It seems Transformers: Robots in Disguise is going drop the subtitle next year because of the upcoming series also named RID.
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That’ll certainly make it…okay, not much easier for people trying to figure out which one a person is referring to, but moderately easier.

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A very long time ago I was re-watching Inferno’s introductory episode and noticed this. Nobody believed me then. It’s been years. Years of secretly knowing about two ants fucking in the corner of the screen.

I live the hard life.

Reblogging because I have more followers now and THE WORLD MUST KNOW.

Considering Mainframe did stuff like the ‘Dirk Dinobot’ picture, I totally believe that this was intentional.  

Have you freakin read the April fool’s script that got ‘accidentally’ leaked for the Transmutate episode? Oh my god it’s horrifying and hilarious. Mainframe was a place I probably would have enjoyed working hahaha


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Transformers generations deluxe Airalbots

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Also we need a way to keep all these different uses of “Robots in Disguise” straight.

So for uses in fiction we have:

- the RiD cartoon, otherwise known as Car Robots
- The IDW comic
- The new cartoon

We don’t need to refer to the minor times it’s been used like as a tagline or a toyline subtitle or whatever.

I propose the following:

- “CRID”, or “Car Robots in Disguise” for the first cartoon
- “RIDW” for the comic. Should be obvious
- “NRID”, or “New RID” for the new cartoon.

Seriously guys, spread this around? Maybe it can catch on. It’s too late for anyone to care much about the old show but once the new cartoon actually comes out we’re gonna need a way to keep things straight.

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BFs? I thought you said GFs. 


i never knew I needed this until now

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It’s planet Cybertron, Bumblebee, and the brand-new female Transformer Strongarm from the San Diego 2014 Transformers: Robots in Disguise trailer! More to come!

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Generations Menasor and Superion

FOLLOWUP: the little black car dude on Menasor’s chest is a Legends-class robot of its own.

Prevailing fantheory is it’s Micromaster Blackjack.  

I’m now hoping it’s Nightracer - think about it.  A no-nonsense sniper who is cool under fire and does not suffer fools gladly… forced to be part of the Stunticons.

oh wow, that would be very interesting. Either way is good, though i’d welcome more femmes more than i need to see the Sports Car Patrol come back.

I’ve had a soft spot for Blackjack in particular ever since that Marvel G1 run where he basically bullshitted Ratchet into letting him onto the Ark so he could blow it up.

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Fascinating how most of the ‘Windblade is anti-feminist’ rants boil down to: “You can’t have bad shit happen to female characters or that’s sexist”. I also see disappointment that she wasn’t more feminist and that was a letdown.

I think some of us have forgotten how important basic representation is. That a female character exists, is complex (and YES, has strengths and weaknesses—some HUGE weaknesses!) and is the central focus of the narrative is a huge step forward. Let’s not forget that.  

But being disappointed that it didn’t go further and screaming that it’s anti-feminist because of that is childish. We no longer only have Arcee as the only female character in the series. That’s an enormous bloody improvement. 

I don’t care about her size. I don’t care that bad shit happens to her, because guess what, bad shit happens to characters. Your hero is at some point going to be at the villain’s mercy. And no, the crux of the story isn’t her merging with Metroplex, it’s what she does with that knowledge. Negotiating with Starscream isn’t Metroplex. It’s Windblade. Out-Starscreaming Starscream isn’t Metroplex. Windblade again. 

Oh yes, it’s cliche to have the female character solve something non-violently—but she’s already proven herself perfectly capable of solving stuff violently, too. It’s not like she’s incapable, it’s simply a more practical solution. 

I believe there will be a rant coming later tonight from my friend with a major in Asian Studies on why her design isn’t actually racist. (Cliff notes version: Borrowing from other cultures is not inherently bad. If it was I wouldn’t be able to cook dinner most nights).

 Suffice it to say this Asian puts her in a very different category than Bayverse Drift. 

I’d much rather have a strong female character like Windblade than a Strong Female Character like IDW Arcee. I like that we can have a small heroine - hey, I’m 5’ 4” in boots. I like that bad things happened to her - even if I kind of wanted to coddle her as a precious baboo at first - because a character who blows everything away and never faces any challenges is boring and never develops. I don’t think it’s all that feminist to insist that women only be portrayed as a male fantasy of manliness. That’s like Level 1 Feminism and we’re on to Level 5.

But haters, apparently, gonna hate.

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After Windblade#4 :D